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MS in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education


The focus of this study will explore how the dysgraphic disability of one child affects teachers' perceptions of that child's capabilities, intelligence, and performance of daily tasks associated with school and schoolwork. The child will use the Tablet PC's handwriting recognition technology to determine if the assistive technology tool improves the child's school performance and his ability to produce legible notes and papers. Worksheets were downloaded into the Tablet PC prior to use in school so that the child could complete all classroom work on the Tablet PC. [This student benefited from being able to tum hand written notes into text. This students' handwriting improved as a result of computer-aided practice. The use of the Tablet PC by a child with dysgraphia enables the child to be independent of the need of teacher-produced notes or a scribe.] Bracket material needs to be supported by data yet to be collected.