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MS in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education


There are many definitions for experiential education but to me it means learning by doing. With experiential education you use a real life problem or situation and you learn theories and concepts as well as skills by dealing with the situation. When students learn through experiential education their work reaches a larger audience and serves a greater purpose than simply meeting a teacher's requirement. Unfortunately I have not had much experience with this type of education and I'm not sure how to implement it in my classes. Our school has been slowly working towards experiential education. Some of the activities or situations the students have participated in include bridge building and maintenance on the Ontario County Pathways, wooden/canvas canoe building, fish stocking with the Department of Environrnental Conservation and overnight backpacking. I need to be more comfortable with experiential education so that I can confidently implement it and tie it in with New York State standards. Through this research I developed a better understanding of what experiential education is and what it look and feels like.