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MS in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education


I have spent the last year and a half learning the many aspects required when creating a dynamic student-centered classroom. I was very interested in the many topics that were presented to me in my graduate courses. This made it very difficult for me to narrow my research topic. As a result I find myself on a significantly different path than I had started on in September. Having had these rich experiences with differentiation and having tried many of the strategies I decided I would focus on some aspect of differentiation. however, this past fall I was enrolled in an instructional technology course that introduced me to the many ways in which a teacher can infuse technology into the classroom. This experience then led me down another path. I was very interested in the subject but also wanted to know if technology really is as beneficial as some believe it to be. Is technology the answer to our educational woes or just something nice and pretty to show the kids? Through all of these experiences and false starts I finally came to realize my true research question. i want to examine the benefits of using computer tutorial to review for an exam. I especially want to know from students who participate in the computer tutorial if they prefer the tutorial to the usual paper-and-pencil review sheets they receive before an exam. I also want to know what particular aspects of the tutorial they find beneficial and if they feel it is worth doing again.