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MS in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education


Various views and opinions exist toward the inclusion of technology in the classroom; some are reinforced by research and studies conducted, such as the entertainment factor generally provided by technology within a lesson, while others do not have conclusive evidence in support of the views. Thjs paper attempts to uncover the ways in which technology can increase student performance and morale at the elementary level. In addition, negatives may exist for the inclusion of technology in the classroom, and these will be noted as well. The topic for the research paper was chosen primarily to help fill gaps that exist in the literature on related topics for the beneficial and/or negative properties of technology in the classroom, especially at the elementary level. Technology is becoming more and more common in our schools and therefore needs more research confirming or refuting its beneficial properties. Research on the topic was conducted by exploring the use of technology in the elementary classroom and how it may or may not support student understanding and/or motivation toward the curriculum. Lesson studies (collaboration among teachers to improve classroom lessons), class observations, and a teacher questionnaire were used to support the research.