Date of Award/Publication

Spring 2003

Document Type


Degree Name

MS in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education


Over the last few decades, change in communities, families, and education has placed an increasing demand on teachers to supplement societal deficiencies at school with hopes of improving the quality of child and adolescent development. In an effort to address this growing need, educators have revamped their traditional teaching styles to meet the educational needs of all students. This has been accomplished by initiating integrated curriculums that create more inviting, student-centered environments that focus on authentic education. The goal is to teach content through real-world scenarios in hopes to supplement valuable life lessons. This study focused on 48 students in a unique integrated curriculum within Penfield High School, a predominately white middle to upper class suburb of Rochester, New York. It was determined through surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus group feedback, teacher checklists, exit reflections, and field notes that character education in an integrated environment, that focused on specific instructional strategies, improved student self-perception of both character and academic performance.