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MS in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education


The purpose of this research was to examine and reflect on how students understanding increased when technology is used in the mathematics classroom. Through a review of the literature, lesson study and action research; this manuscript will explore the correlations between educational technology and students understanding. Over a two week period students in three high school mathematics courses were observed in their natural classroom setting to determine if there was a correlation between the use of educational technology and students understanding of mathematics. In two of the three classes students used graphing calculator technology to enhance their w1derstanding of quadratic functions. The third course students used the Carnegie Learning Tutorial to better their understanding of solving linear equations. Following the observations, it was evident that the technology did impact their understanding of mathematics. After using the technology, students were able to make connections and visualize the concepts that were being taught. Through a constructivist approach to learning students were engaged in real world problem solving activities which made the learning process more meaningful.