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MS in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education


Two lesson studies were performed to investigate the impact of technology in the mathematics classroom on student understanding of mathematical concepts. The studies were planned and carried out collaboratively over four days (two days per study) by two eighth grade mathematics teachers in the same building. In the first study, graphing calculator technology was utilized and examined for its ability to engage students and assist in their recognition, visualization, and understanding of linear and nonlinear relationships (including exponential, inverse, and quadratic). The second study employed a computer based mathematical Jeopardy game which students accessed on individual laptop computers from the school's portable wireless computer lab. The computer game was used as a two day competitive review of algebra concepts such as evaluating expressions, distributing, multiplying binomials, and factoring for a test immediately following. Qualitative as well as some quantitative results suggest that the use of technology engaged the students in the learning activities, provided focused practice, improved their ability to visualize relationships, and enhanced their understanding of the concepts.