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MS in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education

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Diane Barrett

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Bernard Ricca


Since the beginning of the education profession a common concern has been behavioral management as a whole. Due to the fact that this topic is not new to the education world there is numerous studies that have been done to show ideas and theories and a wealth of information on what works to support and generate positive behavior. In fact there are so many that it may seem over whelming and difficult for a teacher to choose what to use within their classroom. So how does one choose what to use with in their classroom when there is so much out there. The topic of classroom management was chosen because it is an issue faced everyday for a teacher. Schools have decided to implement a program that is school wide based or district wide, allowing for a common language to be used to express expectations. A program such as Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is one that has been implemented within many schools. PBIS focuses on teaching and promoting positive behavior within the school. With this focus students are rewarded for displaying desired behaviors, and expectations are written in a positive manner. Questions that arise with PBIS are how effective is creating a school based program as apposed to having individual interventions within different classrooms and locations within the school. Is rewarding students for behavior that should be a given truly effective. Will there be more of a focus on students who are starting to change their behavior as apposed to the students who have always done what is expected of them. How will a teacher believes and attitudes impact such a program. Upon completion of this study a better understanding of classroom management and school common area policies is hoped to be gained.