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MS in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education


Career Development in the workplace has become increasingly important because employees need to be fulfilled, motivated, and satisfied in their work. Usually, many people often seem to use the term "career" and "job" interchangeably. However, these two words are quite different from one another. People often make the mistake that there is only one perfect job for them. Unfortunately, this is not the case and sometimes leads people to make a wrong career choice. Also, people enter into careers because of influences from many different sources, including parents, friends, family members, or individual interests. People make career choices because of many reasons, some of which include a lack of focus and direction, an urgency to gain financial stability, parental pressures, and/or the fear of high expectations from family members and friends to do well and become financially successful. This research paper will focus on different elements of why people make certain career decisions and choices.