Research and scholarship from undergraduate students in the Mathematics Department at St. John Fisher College.


Submissions from 2019

Impact of select social and economic factors on health, Taylor Palermo

Childhood Trauma: It doesn’t end there, Nicole Pellman

Optimizing NFL receiver route combinations, Jacob Tarnowski and Kaili Saffran

Inferential and sensitivity studies of the baseball wins above replacement metric, Rob Weber


Historical study of the relationship between the federal funds rate and the inflation rate, Aaron Wilkins

Submissions from 2018

Are they worth it?, Kaylee Gassner

Detecting phase transitions in small group conversations through entropy methods, Jennifer Lentine and Bernard P. Ricca

Optimal empirical game plan for box lacrosse, Eddy Tabone

Reconsidering wins above replacement as a metric, Rob Weber

Submissions from 2016

Technologies of the Flipped Classroom, Erica L. Johnson, Mark McKinzie, and Erik Winarski

Submissions from 2014


Asymptotic Spectral Properties of the Schrödinger Operator With Thue-Morse Potential, William Clark, Rachael Kline, and Michaela Stone