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Collaboration with stakeholders to employ a variety of assessment strategies paints the clearest picture of student learning. Lavery Library is participating in a long-term project to combine classroom assessment, end of semester cumulative work, faculty learning outcomes, and standardized testing to analyze First Year Students’ information literacy (IL) skills, and to enhance the validity of all findings. Partnering with the First Year Program (FYP) and the Office of Institutional Advancement, librarians are able to see beyond one-shot class session worksheets, surveys, and quizzes.

Through membership on the FYP Faculty Assessment Committee, librarians are able to examine freshmen course assignments, final research papers, and portfolios. With assistance from the Office of Institutional Advancement, the library administers the The Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) Research Practices survey at 3 intervals: to freshmen within the first 6 weeks of classes, at the end of freshmen year, and to seniors before graduation. The library is committed to this project for a full 10 years, giving us the opportunity to collect year-over-year data and ascertain how well students retain and improve the IL learned in the FYP throughout their college careers. The data is analysed, cross-tabulated for demographic variables, and reported publicly and privately.


Presented at the Southeastern Library Assessment Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 13, 2017.

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