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Three interlibrary loan offices are caught up in the swirling tornado of integrating Alma to work with ILLiad. In an effort to create a more user-friendly ILL experience for their patrons, each library discusses their harrowing journey.

Get ready to take a trip down our ‘yellow brick roads’ on route to the promised *Emerald City!

Become familiar with the functions and limitations of the Alma/ILLiad Addons. Discover how to dodge those configuration problems faster than Dorothy ducking apples! Learn how to integrate the Addons into borrowing and lending workflows to best suit your library and not burn your staff out in the process. Pick up tips and tricks faster than the flying monkeys, to avoid pitfalls!

If you're ready to journey into Oz, grab your brain, heart and courage because we’re flying you down the yellow brick road called Alma/ILLiad integration, faster than the witch on her broomstick! It wasn’t pretty at times, but we made it, and you can too!

This presentation will discuss Alma/ILLiad Addons, Lending and Borrowing workflow adjustments, tips and tricks for handling regular and irregular ILL activity with Alma.


Presented at the IDS Project Conference in Utica, New York on July 26, 2018.

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