The IDS Project User Groups: Sharing Training Resources with Resource Sharers

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The IDS Project recently organized and implemented quarterly Regional User Group Meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to provide a daylong professional development training session for Resource Sharing practitioners. Members come together with fellow colleagues who work reasonably nearby each other and reengage in the IDS community. Focusing on the needs of each region, these workshops provide training and discussion of ILLiad best practices, updates, policies, changes, etc. This presentation will share the planning, organization and implementation of these User Groups as well as examples of topics covered including hands on ILLiad exercises, roundtable discussions and more. Join us to discuss how you can arrange similar groups and opportunities with your local/regional resource sharing partners. Highlights include:

  • The organizational and planning process of bringing a small group of practitioners together
  • How to utilize your colleagues as a support system and educational tool
  • Various methods of collaborating and communicating with Resource Sharing colleagues


Presented at the ILLiad International Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on March 20, 2013. Presentation posted online at Atlas Systems.

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