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M.S. in International Studies


International Studies


The intention of this paper is to provide an explanation for the issues that Russia currently faces as a result of the horrific human rights violations during its war with Chechnya. The argument asserts that the terrorist issues that Russia currently faces with Chechen Muslims are in direct response to its brutal treatment of the Chechen people within the last few decades. Russia' s former President, Vladimir Putin, unfoundedly places Russia in the same category of victims of terrorist attacks as the United States on September 11th, 2001. The chaos and destruction that Russia created in the Republic of Chechnya has created an opportunity for Islamic extremists to recruit the people of Chechnya in their global jihad. The component of Islamic extremists has taken this war to a highly complex level and has given it a whole new meaning. What was once a regional conflict is now be an international concern in preventing the spread of Islamic terrorists.

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