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M.S. in International Studies


International Studies


The intention of this capstone project is to provide an assessment of the negative aspects of contemporary high school economics education and offer recommendations for alterations. The paper will cover the current state of economics in the high school setting, focusing on the amount and content of offerings across the nation as well as the lack of content knowledge by economics teachers, the failure to include key components in the curriculum, and the inability to truly engage students and impart a relevant and essential economic literacy. The thesis will then move forward and offer ideas for a better economic education, including inclusion of economics in all social studies courses, implementing a compulsory economics course with superior teachers, and modifications to the curriculum. There will be special emphasis on the importance of improved inclusion, explanation, and understanding of international economics as well as the importance of innovative approaches to teaching all aspects of economics. Economics education in high school is truly vital for all students and has not been given the structure, freshness, and imperativeness that it deserves.

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