Research and scholarship from faculty and staff in the English Department at St. John Fisher College.


Submissions from 2019


Cs the Day: The Trading Card Game, Wendi Sierra


Gaming Across the Years: Gotta Catch ’Em All Together, Wendi Sierra and Ginger Burgoon


Patricia Akhimie. Shakespeare and the Cultivation of Difference: Race and Conduct in the Early Modern World. Routledge, 2018. 220 pp., Deborah Uman


Editorial Introduction: We all Write: Reclaiming a Sacred Space, Deborah Uman and Barbara LeSavoy

Submissions from 2018


Aubrey Anable, Playing with Feelings: Video Games and Affect, Wendi Sierra


Creating Space: Building Digital Games, Wendi Sierra


Toward a Historicism of Setting: Hamilton and American History, Philip Goldfarb Styrt


Greek Tragic Women on Shakespearean Stages by Tanya Pollard (review), Deborah Uman

Submissions from 2017


Critical Educators and Active Citizens: Pedagogy and Critical Praxis, Stephen Brauer


Intersectionality and Feminist Pedagogy: Lessons from Teaching about Racism and Economic Inequity, Lisa Cunningham, Pao Lee Vue, and Virginia B. Maier


Editorial Introduction: Women Have Achieved This, I Follow: WHAT IF?, Deborah Uman and Barbara LeSavoy

Submissions from 2016


“A Right Judgment”: Rape Trial Conventions Revisited in Joseph Andrews and Tom Jones, Melissa Bloom Bissonette

Small Worlds Floating, M.J. Iuppa


The Critical Recuperation of and Theoretical Approaches to the Brontës, Lisa Jadwin


Playing with Play: Machinima in the Classroom, Wendi Sierra

Submissions from 2015


Editorial Introduction to The Seneca Falls Dialogues Journal, v. 1, Barbara LeSavoy and Deborah Uman


The Use of ePortfolios to Support First Year Student's Metacognitive Thinking, Katie Sabourin, Barbara Lowe, and James Bowman


Writing In and Around Video Games, Wendi Sierra


Nature, Technology, and Ruined Women: Ecofeminism and Princess Mononoke, Wendi Sierra, Alysah Berwald, Melissa Guck, and Erica Maeder


Rhetorics of Invitation and Refusal in Terry Tempest Williams's The Open Space of Democracy, Jill Swiencicki

Fostering Sustained, Feminist Student Leadership on College Campuses, Jill Swiencicki and Lisa Cunningham

Submissions from 2014


The Right to Write; or, Colley Cibber and The Drury-Lane Monster, Melissa Bloom Bissonette

Narratives of Cyprus: Modern Travel Writing and Cultural Encounters since Lawrence Durrell, Jim Bowman

Tear Gas Meets Civil Disobedience: Rhetorics of Resistance and Authority in Turkey’s Gezi Park Protests, Jim Bowman

Tolkien and the Modernists: Literary Responses to the Dark New Days of the 20th Century, Theresa Freda Nicolay


Translation and Community in the work of Elizabeth Cary, Deborah Uman


Doing a Lot with a Little: Making Digital Humanities Work at a Small College, Deborah Vanderbilt

Submissions from 2013

But Who am I Here?: Rhetoric in the Context of a Citizen-Traveler, Jim Bowman

Mover and Menace: Effects of Social Media in Turkey’s Gezi Park Protests, Jim Bowman

Submissions from 2012

'One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Hero': Narrating Colonial Anxieties in Cyprus, Jim Bowman

Tall Tales, Travel Writing, and Rhetorical Pedagogy: Teaching the Work of Greg Mortenson after 60 Minutes, Jim Bowman

Economies of Place: Campus Free Speech Areas and the Writing Classroom, Jill Swiencicki

Women as Translators in Early Modern English, Deborah Uman

Submissions from 2011

On Loving Lost Causes: Narrative Identification and the Stories of US Involvement in Afghanistan, Jim Bowman

The Controversial Turn in Research Writing Pedagogy, Jill Swiencicki


The Town Hall Meeting: Imagining a Self through Public-Sphere Pedagogy, Jill Swiencicki, Chris Fosen, Sofie Burton, Justin Gonder, and Thia Wolf

Submissions from 2010

Civilizing Missions, Ambiguous Rhetorics: American Narratives of the Middle East Post-9/11, Jim Bowman

Ethical Facilitation: The Role of English in Rhetoric and Composition Cultural Exchanges, Jim Bowman

Healing the Civic Space: Terry Tempest Williams and Antiwar Rhetoric Post 9/11, Jill Swiencicki


Students, Faculty and "Sustainable" WPA Work, Thia Wolf, Jill Swiencicki, and Chris Fosen

Books from 2008

Sort of Gone: Poems, Sarah Freligh

Submissions from 2006


Agendas, Arguments, and Political Theory, John D. Harman and Deborah Vanderbilt

Books from 2004

Star-Entangled Banner: One Hundred Years of America in the Philippines, Sharon Delmendo

Books from 2002

Figure of Consciousness: William James, Henry James, and Edith Warton, Jill Kress