Research and scholarship from the faculty and staff of the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education at St. John Fisher College.


Submissions from 2007


Web-Based Inquiry Learning: Facilitating Thoughtful Literacy With WebQuests, Chinwe Ikpeze and Fenice B. Boyd


Unspoken Rules: Make your board's implicit rules explicit through a customs manual, Ronald Mendrick, Diane Reed, and Michael Wischnowski

Submissions from 2006

Expanding the Zones of Possibility for Literature Instruction with Web-Based Learning, Chinwe Ikpeze

The Perspectives of Preservice and In-Service Teachers on Literacy Instruction., Chinwe Ikpeze

Using Teachers’ Text and Talk in Virtual Conference Forum to Inform Teacher Education, Chinwe Ikpeze

Submissions from 2005

From Compost to Computers: Promoting Literacy with Web-Based Inquiry Learning:, Chinwe Ikpeze

Strategies for Web Integration, Chinwe Ikpeze

Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry: A Case Study Approach, Douglas Llewellyn


Inquiry-based environments for the inclusion of students with exceptional learning needs, Whitney Rapp


Using Assistive Technology with Students with Exceptional Learning Needs: When Does an Aid Become a Crutch?, Whitney Rapp

Submissions from 2004

Confronting Racism, Poverty, and Power: Classroom Strategies to Change the World, Catherine Compton-Lilly and Todd Lilly

A voice from the Vietnam War, Russell H. Coward

Submissions from 2003

Reading Families: The Literate Lives of Urban Children, Catherine Compton-Lilly

Submissions from 2001

Inquire Within: Implementing Inquiry-Based Science Standards, Douglas Llewellyn