Twice-Exceptional Students Enrolled in Advanced Placement Classes

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Twice-exceptional students, those who have disabilities and display areas of gifts or talents, frequently spend their high school years with a focus on their disabilities. Using semistructured interviews, this study explores the perceptions of parents, teachers, and guidance counselors regarding participation of twice-exceptional students in Advanced Placement (AP) and for-college-credit classes. The supports and barriers for students with disabilities participating in AP and for-college-credit classes were identified. Additionally, participants included six college students who had taken AP and/or for-college-credit classes while still in high school. The results of this study indicated that school culture and early placement decisions affect enrollment in AP and for-college-credit classes for the twice-exceptional student. Inconsistencies between students’ goals and transition planning and inconsistent implementation of test and environmental accommodations were documented.




The final published version of this article is available through the publisher: http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/0016986212444605.