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MS in Human Resource Development



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Seth Silver

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Tim Franz


Followers are an essential but underrepresented part of leadership. Without a strong group of followers, leaders cannot possibly be successful. Followers can, and often do, think independently and critically, and are active workers. They do not simply wait to be told what to do. level followers courageous Instead, there are various followership styles. At the most exemplary provide are fully relationship constructive, competent with leaders although not partners wherein in an they always positive, organization. are able feedback. to They openly Effective maintain disagree leaders a and work with followers, not above them, and empower them to take risks. Organizations should maintain a culture that recognizes the value that followers bring to achieving the overall goals of the organization. This literature review presents several models and theories that focus on followership and offers recommendations to organizations, leaders, and followers that assist stakeholders at all levels of an organization in sustaining a culture of followership.

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