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MS in Human Resource Development



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Barbara Francis

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Marilynn N. Butler


Workplace learning and performance is today's new form of job security. People need to learn continuously and help others learn as well. By developing, stretching, and continually challenging themselves, they build a skill base, reputation, and a network of contacts that help them grow. People must be prepared to make learning a continuing lifelong activity. lifelong learning is not a privilege or right, it is simply a necessity for anyone, young or old, who must live with the escalating pace of change in the family, on the job, in the community, and in the worldwide society. (Cross 1981). Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) is defined as "The integrated use of learning and other interventions for the purpose of improving individual and organizational performance. It uses a systematic process of analyzing performance and responding to individual, group, and organizational needs. WLP creates positive, progressive change within organizations by balancing human, ethical, technological and operational considerations" (Rothwell, Sanders, & Soper, 1999). In the workplace, an organization can train employees in areas such as historical background of the department, teamwork, communication, knowledge, use and skills of quality tools and processes in order to improve individual and organizational performance.

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