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MS in Special Education



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Susan Schultz


My research topic is "The awareness and Utilization of special education services from an urban vs. suburban perspective and the affect it has on the success rate of students with special needs." What I needed to consider when researching was the factors that can and do contribute to "differences" in the rate of success between all learners, especially in schools and districts that are perceived by many to be "unequal." I do not think it is uncommon of anyone to think that schools in the suburbs are "better" than schools in the city; whether it is in reference to the facilities, faculty, resources, or even overall academic achievement. What I found was that the issue of "differences" between student successes has roots in our history that go way back. The numerous components of this issue have been debated, measured, and analyzed over and over again and continue to be. Blame has been put in many places; race and culture, social class, poor teaching, and inadequate reform policies to name a few. The "differences" accounted for between students has created a gap, more specifically known as, "The Achievement Gap." This gap is a growing epidemic in America's educational system.

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