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Spring 2008

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MS in Special Education




Many people have disputed that music affect's brain development. Often, people will challenge the idea that music can lead to an enhancement of higher brain functioning. However, it has been demonstrated, through varied use of music that people benefit from music's impact on both hemispheres of the brain, which make learning easier. Through the collection of multiple resources, my research study will focus on the various benefits of music with regard to cognitive development. The action research study will be based on music integration at the elementary level and its impact on student learning and motivation. I will survey various classroom teachers to understand the involvement of music in their curriculum and music services offered to students with special needs. The goal of this research study is to investigate the relationship between music and brain growth with regard to student learning and motivation within the classroom. I hope to find a strong connection between engaging children with music at various levels and development. Also, I am hoping to find an increase in student motivation when music is integrated within the curriculum. This topic was chosen because of its impact on my childhood. I grew up with music in my home and in various classroom settings. I felt that music helped me to remember things when they were put to music. In first grade my teacher would play her guitar and we would sing songs. To this day I still remember "Down by the Bay..." a song about creating rhymes. I feel that this had an influence on my achievement because it always kept me thinking and learning new things keeps my brain exercised.

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