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MS in Special Education



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Susan M. Schultz


Memory has several different parts and abilities. There are several different theories that attempt to explain how memory works, and what outside influences can change memory or how the process works. Exceptionalities are affected in distinctive ways, as a memory problem in a child with a Learning Disability looks very different then lack of recall does in a child with Autism. A review of the literature shows that there are many different ways memory can be affected, and ways working memory can affect performance. Literature also supported a link between hyperactivity/impulsivity and working memory. This research focused on flashcards as a way to improve student’s content vocabulary skills. A study was conducted at a rural high school in Western New York in a freshman algebra class using students of varying exceptionalities. Each of the participants took a pre test and post test, then results were analyzed to see the affect this memory strategy had on students overall, and on different subgroups in particular.

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