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Fall 2007

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MS in Special Education




There are many different types of classrooms in schools today. With more and more children entering schools, the need for different types of classrooms has changed. There are people who feel as though separating students based on educational need is not beneficial. They believe that every child should have an equal chance of success. This can either be accomplished by separating students with special needs or keeping them included in the general education classroom. In an inclusive setting, students are educated in the general education classroom. There are usually less students with more teacher assistance. People are either for or against the notion of inclusive education. The research in my proposal is going to look at the views of different parties involved with this educational classroom setup. The reason for this research and literature review is to conclude whether or not inclusion is beneficial in the general educational classroom. The literature review section of this paper will look at the research in which has already been analyzed. It will take an in-depth look at the opinions of the school personnel, parents and students involved in this educational setup. Within all of these parts, the researcher will pick apart exactly what people do and do not like about inclusive education. It will find out if there are situations in which inclusion is more useful than others. This will allow the researcher to decide if any specific type of student with special needs is more likely to succeed when being placed in the general education classroom. The literature will state what people are concerned with and what they feel confident about when it comes to inclusion in the general education classroom.

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