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MS in Special Education



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Susan Schultz


Teachers are challenged to meet the needs of every student in their classroom and deliver instruction that gives students the opportunity to learn at their highest potential. In any given classroom, there are “at risk students,” “grade level students,” and “accelerated students” that need to have their specific learning needs met. Specifically in English Language Arts, teachers have a wide spectrum of abilities they need to accommodate for. All three levels of learners should be pushed to their fullest potential and challenged equally. By administering a survey to several schools in a suburban Rochester, New York community – data was collected to see if teachers believe all students in their classrooms are being sufficiently challenged, and if so, how are the teachers accommodating for all levels of learners in ELA. Data collection occurred over several weeks in the spring. The information gathered can help all levels of students be adequately challenged, and also provide resources and techniques to further the professional development of current and future teachers.