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MS in Special Education



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Susan Schultz


I conducted my research reflecting the opinions and thoughts of my colleagues. I exposed them to questions about their experience using adaptive technology in their classrooms, what types of adaptive technology they use, how they feel it benefits students with and without disabilities. They briefly talk about the training they may or may not have received on using such devices and how it affects them as the classroom teacher in assisting their students with using these devices. They discussed how using adaptive technology can be useful for students with disabilities as well as students without, as well as how it can “level the playing field”. The participants spoke positively about the use of AT in the classrooms and were very willing to provide feedback. There seems to be a difference in training on adaptive technology depending on what school district, grade level and subject you may teach. It seemed to be the general consensus that adaptive technology in the classroom is not only beneficial for students with disabilities, but can also give students who are not required to use such devices a little insight on how learning can be different for different people. For the most part, the participants have positive things to say about the use of any type of adaptive technology in the classroom that will help students with disabilities perform better in the classroom, as well as motivate them to want to do well.

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