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MS in Special Education



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Susan Schultz


I conducted my research reflecting the opinions and thoughts of my colleagues and administrators. I exposed them to questions about their experience educating a diverse group of students, how they feel the impact of the achievement gap in mathematics has been exposed in their classrooms and what they are doing as educators to help close it. They discussed how difficult and challenging it can be to teach students who live in poverty and come from difficult home circumstances. They shed light on how to motivate students when many other social factors going on in their lives seem more important. Above all, they reacted to the impact of the Common Core and the rigorous standards, and spoke positively about their hopes for the future of educating students. All participants in phase one and phase two of the data collection all shared one common opinion - they educate for the children they teach and make decisions that will have a positive impact on their lives. They are hopeful that the gap will diminish in their teaching careers, and that they can create a positive learning environment

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