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MS in Special Education




For the purposes of my literature review, I chose to research current statutes pertaining to reforming education in the United States. Additional research and consideration on this topic is needed in the wake of severe budget cuts, in attempts to find solutions to prevent further decreases in funding which will likely exacerbate issues such as graduation rates, disparities in classification of minorities to increase funding through special education, and position cuts which increase classroom sizes. Throughout the research process, I analyzed the evolution and effectiveness of education legislation both historically and presently. In particular, I focused my research on the effectiveness of current legislation including President George Bush’s No Child Left Behind and President Barack Obama’s Race to the Top and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act initiatives. For my action research project, I sent out questionnaires pertaining to the funding received by school districts locally from both the Race to the Top and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in attempts to determine whether or not current legislation is effectively improving the situation and condition of our local schools in the wake of severe budget cuts.

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