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The purpose of this literature review is to inform the reader about identifying, the diagnosis, and interventions for children with autism. It explains the research that is written about the exact criteria necessary to diagnose a child with autism and what symptoms a family member, educator, or any other person would need to identify if the child may have autism. The literature also goes into detail about what interventions work best with children who have autism. It shows what evidence is written in recent research and also how efficient each intervention is. I handed a questionnaire out to seven autism specialists in School X and all of the questions were based off each section of my literature review. The topics of the questionnaire were: their definition of autism, the definitional discrepancies, the most prevalent characteristics of autism in the students in their classroom, what they believed caused the increase in prevalence of autism, interventions that work with their students, and interventions that they believe they should be using with their students but are not able to.

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