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MS in Human Resource Development



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Timothy Franz

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Seth Silver

Third Supervisor

Donna Gattelaro-Andersen


Technology is rapidly changing; mature workers often cannot compete with their younger counterparts if they are not willing to stay ahead of the technological learning curve. Doing this will keep them competitive in the job market and will provide endless opportunities when faced with the possibility of job loss due to downsizing and other factors. Unfortunately, employers believe that mature workers are more of liability than an asset compared to the younger workers and that older workers are not as current as younger workers. Further, many people in organizations believe that younger managers are better problem solvers than mature workers (Coy, 2005). This study will discuss the various issues that mature workers face and how they deal with transitioning into a world of technological changes. The study demonstrated that mature workers will constantly have to deal with many issues that are not facts. Even though these issues will continue to be difficult to solve, as long as mature workers continue to stay active and are willing to learn new things, organizations will be able to solve the issues and improve the workplace for all, including mature workers.

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