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MS in Human Resource Development



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Timothy Franz

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Sheila Coney

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Seth Silver


The following study evaluates meeting efficiency in the Athletic Department at St. John Fisher College (SJFC). In order to determine how efficient their meetings are, two meetings were observed and five pre-test surveys were conducted. The surveys were held on a one-on-one basis and were created in order to receive input directly from staff members and the facilitator. Following this procedure, suggestions - based on research - were implemented on behalf of recommendations from the facilitator. These suggestions included: ask attendees for agenda items, create a more specific agenda, e-mail the agenda within twenty-four hours of the meeting to all attendees, and create meeting minutes for the attendees to review soon after the meeting. In addition research conducted regarding the importance of seating arrangements and roles held in meetings is included in the project. Results from post-test surveys indicated that both attendees and facilitator found the meeting to be more efficient and the meeting minutes helpful. Attendees felt appreciation for being included in the meeting agenda and having the agenda to review before the meeting in order to prepare. Overall, the study of meeting efficiency at the SJFC Athletic Department was a success.

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