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This paper seeks to uncover which key personality traits are thought to be the most important for effective leadership during a period of transition by exploring and researching a variety of popular leadership models. An effort was made to distill as many traits as possible in order to determine which traits were most agreed upon to be necessary for an individual to possess to be an effective leader. A survey based in this research was then created and given to the staff of educational facility in Upstate New York, asking administrators, teachers of record, and para-educators to rank the top five of these traits according to their belief regarding how important they felt each was for a leader to possess in order to be effective. The overarching goal was to determine which traits employees of different positions within an educational facility deemed most important for effective leadership, and also to obtain data to help craft new, more guided interview questions intended to accurately identify effective leaders during an interview process, and to determine possible organizational values regarding effective leadership itself.

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