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MS in Special Education




Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is being implemented in an increasing number of schools across the nation. Positive Behavior Support is a positive and preventative systems approach to addressing discipline problems with a goal of improving behavior and academic outcomes. This study researched the degree of implementation fidelity in two suburban high schools. It investigated the effects of implementing with fidelity and the unique challenges to implementing at the secondary level. An Effective Behavior Survey was used to measure the status of current implementation. A two item questionnaire was used to identify the impact of implementation and the challenges at a high school level. The results of the case study showed that one school was implementing with a higher fidelity. This school had more positive outcomes from implementation. Both schools recognized challenges in their school that impact implementation. The findings indicate that high schools face specific challenges to implementing PBS, but implementation results in positive outcomes. The greater the rate of implementation demonstrated by a school, the greater rate of positive outcomes experienced in the school.

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