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MS in Human Resource Development



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Tim Franz

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Seth Silver

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Paul Mastrangelo


Mediation and arbitration are both different approaches to Alternative Dispute Resolution that can be used effectively in the workplace. ADR can be less costly and more efficient, and it focuses on using conflict resolution, rather than the difficulty and confrontation of litigation (Carbonneau, 2007). Although mediators and arbitrators are neutral third parties who are hired by the participant to assist in resolving disagreements, there are big differences between mediation and arbitration (Carbonneau, Slate, 2007). This paper provides a breakdown of mediation versus arbitration to assist in formulating a company policy. The information within this paper could be used when a company is lacking a mediation/arbitration policy, or when an organization may want to improve a policy that is already in place. Overall, after a breakdown of the two methods, mediation is the most preferred method for resolving disputes within a workplace environment. Mediation can provide innovative dispute resolution and the program can be creatively designed to best conform to the culture of your organization.

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