Date of Award/Publication


Document Type


Degree Name

MS in Human Resource Development



First Supervisor

Timothy Franz

Second Supervisor

Ruth Harris

Third Supervisor

Seth Silver


The following study evaluates the effectiveness of a leadership training program conducted at IRMC Toronto by Fulcrum Consulting, Inc.. In order to determine the effectiveness of the leadership training program, the evaluation used Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation. Specifically, the evaluation examined commitment surveys, yes/no questionnaires, and turnover data. Furthermore, the study evaluated responses for the supervisors and managers who participated in the leadership training, as well as responses from their direct reports. Qualities of effective leaders are outlined and incorporated into the evaluation. Overall, the results indicate that there has been positive behavioral changes in the supervisors and managers. In addition, the results specifically showed improvement at level four of the Kirkpatrick model: work results. The attitudes of the supervisors and managers changed, the direct reports took notice, and it appears that as a result turnover has slightly decreased for IMRC Toronto. As indicated, it is beneficial for organizations to evaluate beyond Kirkpatrick's first two levels to see what type of impact the training has had on the organization. In the case of IRMC Toronto the leadership training program had some positive impacts on the organization.

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