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MS in Human Resource Development



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Timothy Franz

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Seth Silver

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Barbara Cutrona


Organizations are concerned about performance in the workplace; the performance of individuals is directly related to the performance of organizations (Pfeffer and Viega, 1999). Clearly, one of the keys to improving individual performance in the workplace is an individual's ability communicate effectively. Oral communication and listening are fundamental skills required for success. An individual 's inability to communicate can cause ripple effects throughout the organization ending in lost sales, decreased customer satisfaction, decreased job satisfaction and employee retention, low morale, and increased destructive conflict, to name a few. The dynamic nature and complexity of communication and the communication process will require HRD practitioners to understand important communication theories, find more creative ways of helping individuals learn effective communication skills and focus on transferring that learning to the workplace. A deeper knowledge of communication theory and adult learning techniques and tools can help HRD practitioners meet the emergent needs of learners in organizations.

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