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Compeer is a nonprofit organization that matches community volunteers in supportive friendship relationships with children and adults receiving mental health treatment (, 2003). There was concern on behalf of managers and the Board of Directors that the current job designs and organizational structure are constraining volunteer recruitment activities and preventing Compeer from serving the maximum number of referred clients. The researcher, acting as a third-party consultant, completed an organization development intervention. Qualitative research and a literature review enabled the researcher to identify strengths, issues and concerns and to make recommendations for future action based on these findings. Strengths of Compeer identified were human capital, key indicators, programming, and alternative events. Issues and concerns in the organization included a lengthy client waiting list, flawed organizational structure, process inefficiencies, and unsound recruiting strategies. Researcher recommendations included adopting employee empowerment, implementing a team structure, and assigning top executives a leading role in volunteer recruitment. Implications for HRD practitioners and suggestions for future research are also discussed in the paper.

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