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Spring 2008

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MS in Human Resource Development




This report focuses on motivation in the workplace, specifically, how motivation affects the work and performance of the staff members at Lavery Library. for the purpose of this report, motivation can be described as "the complex forces, needs, drives, tension states, or other mechanisms within us that will create and maintain voluntary activity directed toward the achievement of personal goals" (Skemp-Arlt & Toupence, 2007, p.28). The recommendations in this report are based on the combined data from the initial motivation survey as well as the responses from the focus groups. The purpose of this report is to establish what specific factors contribute to the motivation of staff members; to establish their current levels of motivation and its effect on their perceived performance; and to present a finalized report to the organization that summarizes important findings, recommendations, and best practices for the future. The 16 qualitative questions in particular were meant to gather information specific to the individual staff member completing the survey. While staff members were encouraged to be as specific and descriptive as possible in their responses, it should be noted that because answers were qualitative, some interpretation of answers was required. This report should not be taken as a performance evaluation of either Lavery Library, staff members, or managers. Rather, it serves as a "snapshot" objective assessment of the current status of employees' motivation and performance. Furthermore, it also serves as a means by which to gain increased insight into the morale, feelings and opinions of these employees.

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