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MS in Human Resource Development




This paper explores the process used and the outcomes of the research and analysis of the current performance management system in the YWCA of Rochester, New York. The paper also explores the analysis and redesign of the YWCA's performance appraisal system, in partnership with the YWCA Personnel Committee. A review of current literature explores the components of performance management systems, with a particular focus on how the individual components are integrated. In addition, specific literature focused on job descriptions, job performance standards, supervision and coaching, and performance appraisal and performance appraisal systems are reviewed. The methodology used to appraise the YWCA performance management system consists of a comprehensive needs assessment incorporating six data collection techniques, content analysis, and descriptive statistical analysis. The project results in three deliverables: 1. the revision of the performance appraisal instruments, 2. the design of a Performance Continuum Model© (PCM©), 3. and the development and delivery of a training session for supervisors. Recommendations for revising and updating the YWCA Performance Management System are made.

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