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MS in Human Resource Development




Mentoring programs can provide a foundation so that employees can improve their overall career development and satisfaction. When an organization has even an informal mentoring program, it encourages employees to support one another by learning from each other. When an organization has a formalized and structured mentoring program that is designed to fit the needs of their employees, it can enhance overall productivity and reduce employee stagnation and burn-out. This study examined the importance of mentoring in for-profit and non-profit organizations. This study has taken relevant literature, benchmarking, and focus group data and adapted the information to make a "Mentoring Program Implementation Plan" for AIDS Rochester, Inc. The findings from this study suggest that mentoring can lead to positive impacts in organizations if the customer requirements are taken into consideration. This study has also presented the benefits and challenges of mentoring, roles and characteristics of successful mentors and mentees, and some key areas of significance for mentoring. Finally, this case study and semi-intervention has provided ARI with an implementation plan that should increase retention and employee satisfaction and decrease turnover and stagnation. This study is extremely important for ARl to consider and implement in order to increase overall productivity. Since mentoring can encourage employees to solve their own problems, find valuable resources, and become more independent, ARI would also be assisting many individuals to reach their highest potential, both personally and professionally.

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