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MS in Human Resource Development




This paper looks at the relationship of department culture and the conflict management styles that people possess. An explanation and the different components of culture are described by several researches. Conflict is also explained as well as the different types of conflict, and where conflict stems from. The study focused on three offices at a community college located in Upstate New York. Based on the offices belonging to different college divisions, the assumption was made that these offices would have different subcultures. The participants of the study work directly with students and often deal with confrontational situations. The goal of the study was to see if the three offices had different cultures and to determine if each of the office's culture affected the conflict management styles of the employees in each office. The study used Harrison and Stokes (1992) Diagnosing Organizational Culture Questionnaire and the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management Questionnaire (1976) to determine the answers to the research questions.

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