Research and scholarship from undergraduate students in the Chemistry Department at St. John Fisher University.


Submissions from 2019


Equilibrium in the Catalytic Condensation of Carboxylic Acids with Methyl Ketones to 1,3-Diketones and the Origin of the Reketonization Effect, Alexey Ignatchenko, Thomas DiProspero, Heni Patel, and Joseph R. LaPenna

Submissions from 2018


Reversibility of the catalytic ketonization of carboxylic acids and of beta-keto acids decarboxylation, Alexey V. Ignatchenko and Andrew J. Cohen

Exploration of Kalanchoe Daigremontiana Phytochemicals for Antimicrobial Properties, Brianna S. Walworth, Xayathed Somoulay, Grace E. Stoklosa, Sridhar Anand, Jonelle Mattiacio, and Maryann Herman


Formulation and Stability Study of Eslicarbazepine Acetate Oral Suspensions for Extemporaneous Compounding, Fang Zhao, Vivek S. Dave, Mazin Z. Mar, and Jonathan R. Perri

Submissions from 2017


Ab initio study of the mechanism of carboxylic acids cross-ketonization on monoclinic zirconia via condensation to beta-keto acids followed by decarboxylation, Alexey Ignatchenko, James P. McSally, Marc D. Bishop, and Joshua Zweigle


Synthesis and evaluation of l-phenylalanine ester-based chiral ionic liquids for GC stationary phase ability, Irene Kimaru, Lydia Morris, Joanna Vassiliou, and Nicole Savage

Submissions from 2016


Use of a UAV for Water Sampling to Assist Remote Sensing of Bacterial Flora in Freshwater Environments, Dylan Cornell, Maryann Herman, and Fernando Ontiveros


Encapsulating Ibuprofen using Beeswax Microspheres, Honghao Li and Kermin Martinez-Hernandez

Modulating Sterile Inflammation with Lipid-Based Nanoparticles, Kelsey Moore and Fernando Ontiveros


Analysis of the Encapsulation of Beeswax Microspheres with Ibuprofen, Chau To and Kermin Martinez-Hernandez


Encapsulating Ibuprofen using Beeswax Microspheres, Chau To and Kermin Martinez-Hernandez

Submissions from 2015


Effects of Fructose-Derived Advanced Glycation End Products on Acetylation of Histones in the Brain, Alissa K. Cornacchia, MacKenzie Hall, and Melinda E. Lull


Crystal structures of tris­[1-oxo­pyridine-2-olato(1-)]silicon(IV) chloride chloro­form-d1 disolvate, tris­[1-oxo­pyridine-2-olato(1-)]silicon(IV) chloride aceto­nitrile unqu­anti­fied solvate, and fac-tris­[1-oxo­pyridine-2-thiol­ato(1-)]silicon(IV) chloride chloro­form-d1 disolvate, Bradley M. Kraft, William W. Brennessel, Amy E. Ryan, and Candace K. Benjamin

Submissions from 2014

Development of a standard operating procedure and determination of figures of merit for the study of potassium in potassium gluconate tablets, Samantha Lane, Irene Kimaru, and Kimberly D. Chichester

Analytical method transfer to confirm interlaboratory reproducibility in figures of merit, James L. Stanfield, Peter R. DiMilia, Irene Kimaru, and Kimberly D. Chichester

Development and inter-lab transfer of a dissolution testing and HPLC analysis method for glucosamine tablets, Elaina J. Zito, Meghan C. Burns, Irene W. Kimaru, and Kimberly D. Chichester

Submissions from 2011


Determination of Lead in Soil and Phytoremediation Trials, Erin Semple, Kimberly D. Chichester, Maryann Herman, Irene Kimaru, and Cara Patrick

Submissions from 2010


Utilizing Service Learning in the Analytical Chemistry Classroom, Kimberly D. Chichester, Colleen Dugan, Amanda Lewis, Maryann Herman, and Irene Kimaru