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This Is Forsaken

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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Sophia: She is beautiful; dark hair draping around her delicate shoulders. Used to be a dancer, before college. She is tall, thin with sad, brown eyes. Twenty. Just turned in July. Sophia is surrounded by a crowd at the lunch table. She stabs a forkful and eats in silence, listening to the senseless chatter. Everyone talks around her, in front of her, behind her. Never to her. She sips her water. Every day a glass of water. She pulls out her phone, no missed calls. She returns to her dorm; her roommates lower their voices to a whisper. Sophia hopefully checks her computer. No messages. She wraps herself in a blanket and sinks into bed. 243-5467. No answer. She has a picture hanging next to her bed. A golden dog, a puppy. Passed away a few weeks back. 245-8759. Answering machine. Her eyes are wet as she opens her favorite book, settling in with Holden Caulfield. "