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The Inner Ms. Hyde

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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"I sit alone as my conscience gnaws at my damned soul.

The quick swig of venom scathes down the back of my throat, plaguing me, consuming me.

Forbidden thoughts echo this numb but witty mind.

The malice of my sorrow's rage confines the belligerent deeds I yearn to do, drowning out all existence.

Evil notions creep anxiously through my cold yet heated veins, deliberately taunting me to sustain these vicious feelings.

This ugliness that I have beckon, draws near in complete summon.

The minutes of perpetual bliss keeps me in awe of ridding the likes of you.

But yet the act of doing right still lingers and the love I once had for you tries desperately to prevail..."

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