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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Once, I found out that if you save an entire semester's worth of work for the last day. you'll have to stay up till 4 A.M. to finish it all. In that moment you will realize something else, that there really is a 4 A.M. I thought that it had been made up until that day. I thought that the Russians made that up to make America feel lazy. It worked, too. I felt lazy because I was never up at 4 A.M. to do any work. Then, when I turned fifteen and I started learning about Russians in history class, I realized they were sneaky enough to invent a 4 A.M. I realized that they do things like that all the time, making up things to make Americans feel lazy and bad about themselves. I was so irritated with them about the whole 4 A.M. thing that I didn't speak to a Russian for years."