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It's Never One-Sided

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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Every time Gordon exits that dingy little pornography theater, he extinguishes his scorpion-red cigarette with the butt of his left palm. 'Remember that pain the next time you want to give into sin,' Gordon usually mumbles in an effort to reproach his spontaneous and fleeting immorality. interestingly he feels no guilt when he enters it, but instead relishes in anticipation of the flesh-indulging sin screen. It's like being back in the tenth grade all over again when Gordon and Tommy Baker would sneak into the high school basement to peer through a hole the size of a pen tip, partially blocked by a soap tray, into the girl's shower; the only difference being that Tommy and Gordon never saw but a few callused hammer toes and, if they really put their heads to the dusty floor bottom, a couple of bruised knees."

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