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Street Smart

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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Victor was having a productive day. He had sat in the park and watched the children on the swingsets. He had tossed a few crumbs to some greedy pigeons, and a clown had given him a flamingo-shaped balloon. In between all the fun, he'd managed to work $4.25 off passersby. That was a burger and a cup of coffee at Sal's Diner on 31st Maybe Grace, his favorite waitress, could swing him some free home fries when Sal wasn't looking. Victor hadn't needed the guilt-trip scam today; people had been fairly generous. That was something he saved for emergency situations, usually in the winter when it was so cold his fingers turned blue. He'd had a couple of close calls with the freezing temperatures, but the Salvation Army came along at just the right time and gave him some warm soap, or a blanket. And when times got really tough, he would seek out a shelter."