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Such A Good Woman

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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Lottie's Market Basket was more than a grocery store. A meeting place, a wailing wall, a place to borrow, Lottie was always there, the good listener with an open purse. She knew all the gossip and called all the local politicians by their first names so she could, when the occasion arose, do you a favor. Campaign posters plastered the store windows and every charity drive was represented. After school, children pressed against the candy counter and found their pennies garnered more than at any other store. When the small bell over the door gave warning of a customer, Lottie would call a greeting, her unlined face stretched into a smile. Above the counter, her body appeared small and dainty, but when she hobbled out to teeter awkwardly between the helter-skelter stacks of crates around the store, her heavy bottom rocked.