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Curbed: the argument

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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"During this century a man lived in Florida by the name of Edgar Cayce. An enterprising journalist was able to investigate claims that this man possessed the pulp paper power of esp. Though only slightly schooled, it is reported that Mr. Cayce was able to recommend cures for terminal diseases, predict the future, find lost persons, etc. while in an hypnotic coma. He also claimed the lost city of Atlantis still exists and in his journals gives many accounts of its advanced civilization. The capitalizing journalist's books are widely distributed among middle aged professionals. The men have found the subject adequate conversational confetti upon which to practice an unprejudiced cosmopolitanism in the face of verified facts and to discover obtrusive skeptics. The wife considers the report a moral event hysterically asking of acquaintances' belief researching digested magazines finally conviction and strange dreams of significance and in the flurry of mysticism generally being neater about the house."